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New Office Locations for Magaya Corporation’s New York and Brazil Offices

February 29, 2012

Magaya Corporation is growing and has moved its Northeastern U.S. office and its Brazilian office to be closer to new and existing customers in each of these regions. The Northeastern U.S. office was located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Since opening in 2010, the office has grown with the addition of new employees. The new location is in Jamaica, New York, just a few minutes from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, in a major warehousing and freight district.

The director of the Northeast region for Magaya sales, Daniel Najman, noted the company wanted to be closer to the freight forwarders who are concentrated near JFK. “We have many customers here and we are receiving more requests from companies in this area,” Mr. Najman said. “With growth of about 35% since opening this office 2 years ago, we anticipate more customers and want to be here to provide quality customer service to them.”

The Brazilian office of Magaya was also moved recently. It was located in Sao Paulo, where it opened in 2005. The new office location is in Santos, the largest port in Brazil. The port accounts for 26% of Brazilian trade, according to Reuters News. Plans for the port include it doubling in size by 2012, enabling it to handle more containers. Jose Correia Serra, president of Codesp, which operates the port, said studies show the movement of goods can triple through Santos in 15 years. The Minister of Ports, Leonidas Cristino, said Brazil plans to invest 1.3 billion reais ($813 million) in federal funds over the next four years to expand Santos.

“This means a huge increase in the investment in technology applied to logistics. Magaya is the first software company to move to this region and we propose to take our full array of products to all the sectors of the supply chain in this region,” said Ignacio Bencomo, Latin American Business Manager for Magaya Corporation. Many US freight forwarders and NVOCCs have partners or branch offices in Brazil. Using Magaya logistics software on both sides of their operations provides real-time tracking across their supply chain, one-time data entry, and reduced communication expenses and labor costs.

New address for the New York office:
145-30 156th Street, Suite 201
Jamaica, NY 11434
Phone: 201-204-0050
Fax: 786-363-1872

New address for the Brazilian office:
Magaya Corporation - Latin America HQ
Rua Euclides Da Cunha, 11 CONJ 602
CEP 11065-900 – Gonzaga, Santos, Brasil
Phone: +55 13 3288 2727
Skype ID : magayabrasil

About Magaya Corporation:

Magaya logistics software is the leading choice of start-up companies in the logistics industry. In addition to the New York and Brazil offices, we have offices to serve you, including the corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida and regional offices in Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.

Reuters news source:

Author: Magaya Staff at:2/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

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