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Magaya Cargo System 5.42

The following is a list of the enhancements in Magaya Cargo System PRO 5.42

  • New implementation for Third Party billing in shipment and Warehouse Receipts. Added reports for Third Party billing.
  • Enhanced Repacking feature to allow the split of selected pieces into several packages.
  • Configuration for automatic creation of charges now available also by mode of transportation.
  • New filter for AMS transactions by date.
  • Automatic update of the invoice amount when changing the invoice currency. For multi-currency systems.
  • New Periodic billing feature. Now you can group invoices from one period in only one invoice.
  • Enhanced management of Credit Cards transactions in Magaya Accounting.
  • New Recurrent billing feature. You can preset transactions that will be generated periodically. For example you can use this feature in conjunction with a tariff to automate the storage billing in your warehouse.
  • Now you can export invoices to QuickBooks in multi-currency systems. This feature was available only for non multi-currency implementations.
  • New Cargo Manifest Report. You can customize the Cargo Manifest Report to comply with the requirements of any country.

Author: Magaya Staff at:6/5/2006 1:36:47 PM

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