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Magaya Cargo System 6.00

The following is a list of the new features in Magaya Cargo System 6.00

With this release of the Magaya Cargo System, Magaya Corporation has also released two new products:

1- Magaya Warehouse Management system (WMS)
  • Provides you with more inventory control capabilities.
  • Allows better organization of your warehouse operations.
  • Warehouse operators can use handheld devices to efficiently complete warehouse operations like receiving, pick, move, put away, load and inventory count.
2- Magaya Supply Chain Solution
  • Has all the features of the Magaya Cargo System.
  • Has all the features of the Magaya WMS System.
  • Includes powerful Purchase Orders and Job tracking system.
  • A new communication interface was developed to connect to handheld devices running Magaya WMS mobile. Available only with the WMS version.
  • Documents can be excluded from tracking. This will allow you to exclude any document you would like to remain private to your organization or simply would not like your customer to view it.
  • Speed optimization for Magaya OnTheGo.
  • Task assignment mechanism. The employee can assign tasks to be completed by any other employee. This feature provides better synchronization among departments and track tasks that have been completed.
  • Inventory replenishment alerts. When the inventory of an item reaches a predefined minimum a task is posted for the employee responsible for replenishing this item.
  • Compatible with Magaya WMS. If you require a more accurate warehouse management you can switch to the Magaya WMS and keep all your data.
  • You can now use multiple SKU numbers per part number in our inventory system.
  • Now the price calculation formulas can be performed with a scripting language (Java Script in this case). This provides much more flexibility and a much more convenient way to build formulas.
  • Now you can save commonly used routines (Scripts) to calculate tariffs and reuse them. A unique feature of this enhancement allows you to define variables that are used to calculate tariffs, if you need to change all of your tarrifs you simply change the variable and the tariffs are automatically updated.
  • Enhanced appearance of the user interface.
  • Enhancements to recurring (automated) billing, used to charge storage fees for the cargo on hand.
    Charge by smallest packing unit, this allows you to calculate your charges by the cargo inside a pallet if required instead of by the pallet itself.
    Charge in advance, this allows you to charge for storage fees in advance, for example at the beginning of the month.
    Charge by line item. If you use this option the system will generate a separated charge per line in the warehouse receipt.
  • Internal notes now available for invoices and bills.
  • In the AWB there is a new configuration that shows the measurements detailed in the description section of the AWB. You can also completely hide the measurements if you want. Although only maximum measurements are only required per IATA specification this allows for more flexibility in adapting to your specific needs.

Author: Magaya Staff at:9/7/2007 11:52:30 AM

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