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Magaya Software 6.25

The following is a list of the new features in Magaya Software 6.25

  • Enhancement added to the Send SED to AES feature to easily send SED for New Vehicles.
  • Retrieval of ITN Number and AES shipment status and display of ITN Number on required documents such as Air Waybills and Bill of Ladings.
  • Ability to send Bookings Requests and Shipping Instructions and receive automatic Track & Trace of containers as well as the Bill of Lading in PDF format directly from the carrier. This is possible due to an integration with INTTRA. Additional fees apply.
  • Two new fields included to improve dispatching of shipments after they reached the destination port. These new fields are Destination Delivery Agent, company that will deliver the shipment to the final consignee, and Destination Pickup Address which is the place where the cargo is to be picked up by the Destination Delivery Agent. These fields are included in a new document that can be used by the delivery agent.
  • Ability to handle inventory of identical part numbers for different clients.
  • Enhanced method of receiving import shipments, now you can choose to receive the whole consolidation or receive one house at a time, this last option will create a warehouse receipt per house.
  • Ability to handle inventory by serial numbers. Only for WMS.
  • Ability to scan and save serial numbers when the cargo goes out. Available only in WMS Mobile.
  • Ability to prepare pallets with the Handheld computer and update the shipment or cargo release with the new pallet. This will allow to easily entering in the system what cargo is going inside each pallet.
  • Now there is a way to control that the inventory in previous months is not affected by mistake. You can close the inventory as of certain date in the same way you do with accounting. The transactions under the closed period cannot be modified unless you have administrator rights. Available only in WMS.
  • When loading a shipment from inventory you have now the option to load a complete pallet or only pieces inside that pallet.
  • You can enter multiple addresses for all entities and use them in Warehouse Receipts, Pickup Orders, Shipments, Invoices, etc.
  • New fields to enter dimensions, volume and weight for the Item Definition.
  • New function to move up and down charges inside invoices and bills to group them the way you want.
  • Enhancement to the XML export function to export only the current transaction or the selected transactions from a list.
  • Enhancement to the Print Batch function to print only the selected transactions in a list.
  • You can convert Purchase Orders into Sales Orders.
  • When doing a shipment liquidation you can specify to group identical charges and also to generate agents commissions as expenses.
  • New document Destination Delivery Order.

Author: Magaya Staff at:5/1/2008 9:15:00 AM

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