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Magaya Software 6.28

The following is a list of the new features in Magaya Software 6.28.

  • Ability to enter or scan a vehicle’s VIN number and the system will retrieve all the information about that car such as Make, Model, Year, Dimensions, Weight, Volume, etc. All this information will be available to build reports and will be carried over thru the shipping process. Additional fees apply.
  • Completion of the integration with INTTRA. Now you can send the Booking Requests and retrieve the Booking Confirmations in addition to the previously completed features such as Shipping Instructions, Track & Trace and Bill of Lading document in PDF format.
  • Enhancement to the WMS Count feature to allow the count of commodities by serial numbers. Now you can even scan serial numbers that did not exist in the database and the system will assign them to the appropriate part numbers when accepting the count results. Only for WMS.
  • Ability to attach any file or document to any entity in the system such as Carriers, Forwarders, Customers, Vendors, etc. For example, this is useful to attach the contracts with your carriers.
  • Ability to attach any file or document to your Bookings.
  • Now you can customize the invitation email that you send to your customers with the information necessary to access the Magaya LiveTrack. To do so, go to Configuration/Outgoing Messages.
  • Enhancement to import Warehouse Receipts commodities with external tracking numbers and use them the same way you use the tracking numbers generated by the system.
  • New reports can be built for adjustments made after a WMS count has been finished.
  • In our effort to provide the best logistics solution to the South America region we have completed the translation of all Magaya products to Portuguese language.

Author: Magaya Staff at:7/11/2008 12:30:00 PM

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