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What is new in Magaya Software 6.29?


  • Ability to send Online Bookings from LiveTrack. The tracking user can enter the mode of transportation, the estimated departure and arrival dates and the departure and arrival ports and the system will return the available trip schedules matching the specified criteria. The user will select the desired trip and will enter the amount of equipments needed or the loose cargo details. There are many options that can be used to control how this feature works. For more information click here. Additional fees apply.


  • Ability to select partial pieces when converting:
    • Purchase Order to a Pickup Order or Warehouse Receipt
    • Pickup Order to a Warehouse Receipt.
    • Booking to a Pickup Order, Warehouse Receipt or Shipment.


  • Ability to move a group of bookings from one trip to another. Right click over a trip, select “Bookings” and from the list select the bookings that you want to move, right click and select “Move to Trip”. You can select bookings from the main booking list and move then to a trip as well.
  • Ability to attach any file or document to your Quotations or Cargo Releases.
  • Now you can specify the mode of transport (Air, Ocean and Ground) for each container in the package types. This is useful when you are entering the equipments for a trip to select only from the appropriate package types according to the mode of transport of that trip. It also applies to Online Bookings when the client is reserving equipments.
  • Enhancement to the Licenses and Services dialog. Now when you click on File/Licenses & Services you will be able to see the available licenses of each type as well as the services enabled for your company such as Online Bookings, VIN Decoder, AMS, etc.
  • Ability to print any list of items from the Magaya LiveTrack.

Author: The Magaya Insider Team at:9/24/2008 3:16:00 PM

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