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What is new in Magaya Software 7.01?


  • Create your own Templates: The newly enhanced Magaya Document Designer will enable you to create templates for any documents you need. Simply click and drag from a list of available Magaya transaction fields to create a document specific to your business. You can publish the templates to the Magaya Network. You can use JavaScript to create more complex documents and connect to the Magaya Database and retrieve information of related transactions.
  • Add Custom Fields to Transactions: Now you can add custom fields of different types to any transaction and use them in templates, lists, reports, combo boxes (dropdown menus), filters, when transmitting or converting transactions, export/import, etc.
  • Advanced Filters: Newly enhanced filtering capabilities are available from every screen in Magaya software with a Filter button. You can filter by any criteria you desire.
  • Send Documents in PDF: Now you can send any document (existing or new templates), any list, or report in PDF format. When your customer receives the PDF via Magaya LiveTrack, they can view and save the PDF. This feature does not require any additional installation.
  • Find VINs Quickly: The software has been improved to help you find quickly a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Ability to link transactions with a specific template or define a default transaction template that will be available to all system users.
  • Ability to inactivate accounts, items and services and inventory item definitions.


  • Magaya LiveTrack Enhanced: Magaya LiveTrack has been enhanced to support the custom fields and the new templates.


  • Enhanced Credit Limits Verification: : Enhancement to the credit limits verification gives you more options when setting the Payment Terms for a customer.

Author: The Magaya Insider Team at:4/1/2009 12:48:00 PM

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