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New Features in Magaya Software 7.03

July 27, 2009

Release 7.03 of Magaya software has new features and enhancements to improve the experience of using the Magaya Explorer interface and to add more flexibility to the cargo operations, communications, accounting, and security functions:

Magaya Explorer Interface

  • Send Batch Emails: Now you can send batch emails from Magaya Explorer to a group of customers from any list. For example, you could create a filtered list of invoices and email them in a batch; or you could send a monthly recurrent invoice for storage; or send a marketing message to all your customers at once. You can send batch emails from any transaction list. You have the option to select a few entities (such as customers or vendors) or send to the whole list. The emails will be sent to the entities involved in those transactions, including their contacts. The format can be configured to be PDF or HTML. You can add attachments.
  • New Contact Manager: We added a more specialized way of managing your contacts in Magaya Explorer for increased flexibility. Now you can add more than one contact person for a Customer, Vendor, or other entity in your Magaya system. For example you could add a different contact person for different departments of a single company. A parent company can also be assigned to a contact. You can also assign more than one Magaya LiveTrack user per company. The Contact Manager can be found under the Maintenance folder. For added convenience, contacts can be added from any entity screen.
  • Attachments:
    • Acquire documents from a scanner: Now you can acquire images or documents directly from a scanner and add them as an attachment to any transaction.
    • Mark attachments as internal: Specify if an attachment is internal to the company so it will not be shown to Magaya LiveTrack users.
  • Magaya Document Designer New Features: Now you can create new templates to customize the design of all accounting transactions such as payments, deposits, checks, etc. The XML schema now has definitions visible to the user, and new functions have been added for initialization and finalization when using JavaScript in document templates.
  • Custom Fields Improvements: The ability to add custom fields to ports, countries, and package types has been added to the Custom Fields feature, located in the Maintenance folder > Configuration.

Cargo Operations

  • Magaya POD Mobile: We have developed a new software product that runs on handheld computers and allows truck drivers to keep a record of cargo they deliver. With Magaya POD Mobile, users can retrieve the Proof of Delivery (POD) information from the customer, including his/her signature. The POD information is available through Magaya LiveTrack or Magaya Transaction Tracking.
  • Print labels from Pickup Orders: Now print labels from a Pickup Order. When a Pickup Order is converted into a Warehouse Receipt, there is no need to reprint the labels.
  • Improvement to the Liquidation Process: When a shipment is created from a Sales Order, the Sales Order charges are transferred to the shipment charges and are used in the liquidation process.

Communications Improvements     

  • Improvements to Magaya Database Server: The Magaya Database Server is now a Windows service. With this improvement, you can keep the service running independent of any user session. The creation and management of multiple databases has also been improved.
  • Improvements to Magaya Communication Server: The Magaya Communication Server is now a Windows service, providing greater stability and control of the communication functions. The connection to multiple databases has also been improved.
  • Improvements to Magaya LiveTrack:
    • Query Rates: Set permissions to allow users of Magaya LiveTrack to query rates based on origin, destination, and mode of transportation.
    • Contacts Capabilities: Enable contacts to see transactions of a corresponding parent entity. Set permissions so users have the types of access you want them to have in Magaya LiveTrack. You can determine what transactions a user can see based on origin, destination, and mode of transportation.
    • Parent Company Capabilities: A parent company can now see all the transactions belonging to their sub companies via Magaya LiveTrack.
  • Select Air Waybill Numbers in Online Bookings: Magaya LiveTrack users can now select from the list of assigned Air Waybill numbers when submitting an Online Booking to the airline.
  • Extension to the Magaya API: New functions have been added to the Magaya API to query rates. These functions are useful when creating customized quotations. A function to query the Magaya Log System has also been added as well as all accounting transactions such as checks, payments, deposits, etc.
  • Extension to the XML Infrastructure: XML definitions for checks, payments, deposits, and journal entries.


  • Improvement to Magaya Explorer Log System: The system can be set up to keep a copy of transactions before any applied modification. It can also indicate if the total amount of an accounting transaction was changed or if it was printed.

Magaya Corporation continues to develop new features and improvements to its software based on customer feedback. Our developer team incorporates advances in technology to make Magaya software easier to use, to give our users more flexibility and options to customize the software to meet their business needs, and to keep Magaya software ahead of the competition.

The new version of Magaya software is available from for new installations. To update your existing version, follow the steps in the Operation Manual on

Author: The Magaya Insider Team at:7/27/2009 4:05:32 PM

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