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Magaya Free License Promotion

First License Free for New Customers.

Start the New Year right with a new offer from Magaya:

Get your first license free when you buy a plug-in or an additional software license.

With this promotion, the setup fee is waived. That’s a savings of up to $900.

Magaya has many plug-ins to choose from, including the custom Magaya LiveTrack, which integrates online tracking onto your website, or the Transaction Tracking plug-in, which emails a link to your customers to update them on the status of their shipments or inventory.

This promotion is a great opportunity for companies just starting up. Get an essential piece of your business up and running with one of Magaya’s logistics software programs. Contact Magaya today to see how we can help you make your dreams of starting a new business come true. This offer is valid for new customers only.

Existing customers can refer their agents and get them using Magaya software. Then their office will be integrated with yours, enabling the transmission of documents over the Magaya Network, saving time and avoiding duplicate data entry.

This offer is valid for all Magaya software:

  • Magaya Cargo System: The Magaya Cargo System is a completely integrated software solution designed for freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, consolidators, forwarding agents, couriers, warehouse providers, cargo airlines and shipping lines who require a complete and accurate Warehouse Management System (WMS) combined with a fully-integrated accounting system. Its user-friendly, interactive screens are designed to reduce the amount of work for the user and to allow the company to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge.
  • Magaya Warehouse Management System (WMS): Magaya WMS controls the movement and storage of merchandise within a warehouse. Unlike conventional systems, the Magaya WMS includes the process of transporting the materials to the warehouse and delivering these materials to their final destination. Magaya WMS database collects data from wireless handheld devices running the Magaya WMS Mobile application, enabling you to keep up-to-date records of inventory and utilize a Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory strategy.
  • Magaya Commerce System: The Magaya Commerce System was developed for wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters and traders. The Magaya Commerce System offers a complete package, including: Inventory Control, Purchase Orders processing, Sales Orders processing, Pickup and delivery of merchandise, Accounting, and a complete Warehouse Management System – everything in one application.
  • Magaya Supply Chain Solution: The Magaya Supply Chain Solution covers the complete logistics process to deliver the merchandise from seller to buyer. Magaya Supply Chain Solution includes all the functionality from the Magaya Commerce System, Magaya WMS and the Magaya Cargo System. It covers both the sales process and the purchasing process.

Qualifying Plug-Ins:

  • Custom Magaya LiveTrack
  • Magaya Transaction Tracking
  • Magaya WMS Mobile
  • Magaya AMS
  • Magaya API
  • Magaya VIN Decoder
  • Magaya Online Bookings
  • Magaya POD Mobile

See for more.

Contact Magaya today to take advantage of this great offer.

(786) 845-9150

Author: Magaya Sales Team at:1/7/2010 10:40:00 AM

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