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  Electronically file US Customs entry and release documents from within your Magaya Cargo System or Magaya Supply Chain Solution with the Magaya SmartBorder Automated Broker Interface (ABI) plug-in. Designed for customs brokers, carriers, and self-filing importers, the Magaya SmartBorder ABI plug-in enables efficient, cost-effective, and Customs-compliant filing of imports and receipt of Customs messages and charges all in one system.

Magaya partnered with SmartBorder, a leader in automating the process of importing goods to the US, to combine the Magaya logistics functions with SmartBorder’s ABI specialty. This integration enables you to accurately file US Customs documents such as Entry/Immediate Delivery Form 3461, the Entry Summary Form 7501, and others.

When you create an import shipment in your Magaya system, click the ABI menu option to send it to SmartBorder. In the SmartBorder system, enter the remaining data and post the transaction to Customs.

Your Magaya system will automatically retrieve messages, track all related events, and save the information in your Magaya system for each import shipment you file with SmartBorder. As the events are posted to your system, they can be viewed online by your customers who are using Magaya LiveTrack or with Magaya Transaction Tracking. The Customs duties, taxes, and charges will be posted with the Shipment charges in your Magaya system and be available for liquidation.

How It Works

  • Create your regular import shipment
  • Click the SmartBorder option in your Magaya shipment screen
  • Add any needed data in the SmartBorder screen
  • Complete the transaction and send it to Customs
  • Your Magaya system connects to the SmartBorder interface to get Customs messages

Features and Benefits

  • Save time filing Customs documents by sending shipment data from your Magaya system
  • Receive Customs messages as soon as they become available
  • All related messages and events are saved in your Magaya system
  • Charges from Customs are Available in Your Magaya Accounting System
  • Your Customers can View the Status of their Customs Clearance via Magaya LiveTrack

What is SmartBorder?

SmartBorder is a software application that enables Customs-compliant importation of goods into the United States.

Get Started

To activate the SmartBorder ABI feature in your Magaya system, contact Magaya and sign up with SmartBorder (1-800-572-2734)

How-to Article:

Read how to electronically file US Customs documents such as the Entry/Immediate Delivery Form 3461 and the Entry Summary Form 7501 using the Magaya SmartBorder ABI Integration plug-in
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