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Magaya Application Programming Interface

Magaya Corporation has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow users of Magaya products to integrate with other systems. The Magaya API is a XML Web Service, so it can be used with the most popular programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, Java and C++.

Our API is very easy to use. The use of XML opens the possibilities of integrations to almost anything. The most common integration scenarios are with Accounting Systems and Automatic Order Processing.

Integrate with Accounting Systems:

The integration with accounting systems can be done by retrieving the list of Invoices (Accounts Receivable transactions) and Bills (Accounts Payable transactions) generated inside Magaya products. These transactions can be retrieved with all related references from operations. Then you can process the transactions and post them to your accounting system. When payments for those transactions are received in your accounting system, you can post them back to Magaya software via the API.

Integrate with Automatic Order Processing:

Another integration scenario is the automatic receipt of orders from your clients. The orders are posted to your Magaya software as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Pickup Orders or Shipments to start processing immediately without human intervention.

Run the Magaya API on Any Operating System

The Magaya API uses SOAP calls over HTTP to access the information inside Magaya database. These are standard protocols that you can connect using a computer running any operating system.
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