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Logistics Software for Wholesale and Distribution

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The Magaya Commerce System is designed specifically for wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters, and traders. It offers a complete package, including:
  • Inventory Control
  • A complete Warehouse Management System
  • Purchase Order processing
  • Sales Order processing
  • Pickup and Delivery of merchandise
  • A Complete Multicurrency Accounting System
  • Tracking of income, expenses, and profit in the Jobs screen

The Purchasing cycle
Create Purchase Orders (PO) and convert them into Pickup Orders. When merchandise arrives at your warehouse, automatically create a Warehouse Receipt from the Pickup Order, eliminating data re-entry. The related accounting transactions are also created automatically in this completely integrated system.

The Sales cycle
Take any Sales Order and create a Cargo Release to send merchandise from your warehouse to a customer. The related accounting transactions are also created automatically. Your customers can view their inventory in real time to manage stock levels. Customers can also post Sales Orders online, and the Magaya Commerce System will automatically create the Cargo Release with the selected inventory and create the Invoice with the charges via the integrated accounting system. If inventory is low when a customer makes an online Sales Order, the Magaya Commerce System can automatically create and send a Purchase Order to the vendor for the inventory.
Cloud Computing

This product also runs in the Magaya Cloud, find out more!

  Main Features

  Pickup Orders

  Purchase Orders
  • Create Warehouse Receipts directly from the PO to receive the new inventory
  • Create accounting transaction from the PO to update inventory assets
  • Automate the creation of Purchase Orders when stock is low

  Sales Orders
  • Create the Shipping Order or Cargo Release directly from the Sales Order
  • Invoices are created automatically for your customer from the Sales Order
  • Give your customers the option to place Sales Orders online
  • Automate generation of Cargo Releases from online Sales Orders

  • Organize your orders by Jobs to easily track income, expenses, and profit

 Warehouse Receipts
  • After creating the warehouse receipts you can send Receive and Put Away orders to the Magaya WMS Mobile users.

 Cargo Releases
  • After creating a cargo release, send Pick and Load orders to the Magaya WMS Mobile users.

     Proof of Delivery (POD)

 Inventory ControlJust In Time inventory
  • Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Inventory Cycle Counts
  • Inventory Control by SKU Numbers
  • Inventory Control by Serial Numbers
  • Direct integration with wireless handheld devices

 Attach pictures or documents to transaction   >>Sample

 Flexible Tariff Systems

 Fully Integrated Multi-Currency Accounting System
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Create Recurrent Invoices for Storage Charges
  • Financial Reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and many others)
  • Profit & Loss Report by Operations
  • Banking and Checking
  • Multicurrency

 Real-time inventory tracking using Magaya LiveTrack  >>Sample

 Send any document via email

 Multi-user system with automatic backup features

 Remote access to your data via Magaya OnTheGo
  • Work from home, a different office, or from any place in the world

 Send instant messages through Magaya Network to your clients as they are using Magaya LiveTrack and to employees of your partner companies using Magaya products   >>Sample

 Export and import accounting information to and from QuickBooks® or Peachtree® and your Magaya system

 Versions available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
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