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Online shipment, Cargo and Inventory Tracking

Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with Magaya LiveTrack.

The Magaya LiveTrack application provides real-time status of inventory, shipments, and more. The status can be viewed by your customers as you enter it. Magaya Logistics Management Software updates Proof of Delivery and shipment status instantly as events happen. This information is available to customers automatically – you do not have to enter the updates manually.

Magaya LiveTrack is password protected, ensuring that only authorized users have access to shipment and inventory information. When you assign Magaya LiveTrack access to customers and agents, the system generates an email with their login and password. You can set permissions per customer so you can customize their access.

Your customers or agents use Magaya LiveTrack by logging into a web page, either built into your website or on the website. Magaya LiveTrack is available with all our Logistics Software products.

Add Online Tracking to your Website

Your customers can track their Magaya transactions such as shipments, inventory, Air Waybills, Bills of Lading, and more in real time. Your customers never have to leave your website to get their information. Access is password protected. You can set permissions per customer and per contact.

Video: Setting up Magaya LiveTrack - Duration 10:06 Tracking Features

rates View prices related to moving cargo. Query the rates list by mode of transport and by port of destination and origin.
bookings View existing bookings or place a booking online by clicking on the Add button. Enter details in the wizard screens such as port of origin and destination, mode of transport, and departure and arrival times.
purchase orders View Purchase Orders that are being processed for you. See the status and details of the contained items.
sales orders View Sales Orders that are being processed for you. You can also place a Sales Order online. A Cargo Release and Invoice will be automatically created based on the information in the Sales Order. The system can also place a Purchase Order automatically when requested inventory is low (this feature is not available in all Magaya software). For each Sales Orders you can see the status and details of the contained items and any related transactions.
jobs Shows all Jobs being processed for you. The Jobs option provides you with a way to group all transactions that are related. From the Jobs screen, you can track the development of the requests and see all related transactions as they occur. For example, in a Job you can see the Purchase Order, view the Pickup Order that was issued to bring the merchandise to the warehouse, view the Warehouse Receipt, and see the Shipment that was created to deliver the merchandise.
pickup orders View Pickup Orders that have been created for you and their current status. See the shipper, carrier, number of pieces, and other details.
warehouse receipts View Warehouse Receipts (WR) that have been created for you and their current status and past history. Double-click on the WR to see details such as where each item was shipped (click on the Air Waybill or Bill of Lading number in the WR). If any images or scanned documents are attached to the WR, they will be available to view.
cargo detail Shows all items being handled. See package types, descriptions, and dimensions (and other details as set by using the Actions button to choose columns). The Items can be part of any transaction such as a Warehouse Receipt, Pickup Order, Shipment, Purchase Order, or Sales Order. This is an easy way to see your transactions and items all together for reporting.
inventory Shows inventory availability by part number, description, model number, manufacturer, and other columns you choose.
cargo releases View the Cargo Releases that have been created for you. Double-click on it to view details such as carrier, package quantity, and any related transactions.
shipments View the Shipments that have been created for you and their current status. Double-click on it to view details of the shipment and print it if you wish. If any documents or images have been attached to the selected shipment, you can double-click on the attachment to see it and print it. If the shipment is related to a previous transaction, click on the transaction name in the document view to see that related transaction.
invoices View Invoices that have been created for you. See the status of each invoice. Double-click on an invoice to see details such as description of charges and amount due or amount paid. If the invoice is related to a shipment or other transaction, the shipment number will be included in the invoice. You can click on the related shipment number to view the shipment document. Click the Back button to return to the invoice.

Functions of buttons in the Magaya LiveTrack Application:
For each of these features above, you can sort the list to view by date range, double-click on items to view the details, print documents, and filter lists.

View view To view the details of a specific transaction, click the View button (or double-click on the item). The transaction will open in a pop-up window, showing all the details of the transaction in document form.
Filter filter Use the Standard or Advanced Filter options to view a list according to specific criteria you set in the Filter dialog box. Standard Filter options include filtering by shipper, consignee, mode of transport, status, port of origin, etc. The Advanced Filter contains all the Standard Filter options plus any Custom Fields created.
Unfilter unfilter Click this button to remove a previously applied filter. The total number of transactions in a list is noted at the bottom of the list. If you want to see all the transactions but they are not displayed, click on the Unfilter button. You can also change the date range to customize the list view.
Units units To change measurement units.
Find find To find any text in the list you are viewing.
Refresh refresh Reload the current list from the server
Chat chat2 Open a chat session with the employees at your provider's office
Actions actions Use this option to:
  • Choose Columns : Gives you the option to select the columns you wish to display and print. You can also select the column order, width, and text alignment.
  • Export Data : Gives you the option to export data. A window opens for you to name and save the file to a directory. You can choose the file format of XML, Comma Delimited Format (CSV), or PDF.

Additional Features in Magaya LiveTrack

If one transaction is related to another transaction, the related transaction will be included as a live link when you view the document. Click on the link to view the related transaction. Use the Back button to return to the previous transaction.

Double-click on any attachment to view it.

You can print a document by clicking the Print button.

Columns in any list can be selected by using the Actions button. If any Custom Fields have been created in your system, they can be included in the lists in Magaya LiveTrack.

Date Range: To view orders for a specific time period, select the dates using the dropdown list or enter a From/To date and click on the Refresh button.

Click the Chat icon to open an instant messaging screen.

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