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Magaya Online Shipping Orders

Magaya Online Shipping Orders

Give your customers and agents the opportunity to send shipping instructions to you with the Online Shipping Orders feature available in Magaya LiveTrack. All modes of transport – air, ocean, and ground shipments – can be processed online. The shipping instructions arrive in your Magaya Inbox with all the cargo items already loaded so you can quickly complete the order, saving you time processing your shipments.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase Accuracy and Reduce Errors: By creating a Cargo Release or a Shipment in Magaya LiveTrack, your customers can add the items they want from one or more Warehouse Receipts or from a combination of Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, inventory or part numbers, giving them more control over their own cargo shipments and saving your staff time entering House Shipments into the Magaya system.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: Your customers can instruct your company how and when they need their merchandise delivered by logging in at their convenience, worldwide, 24/7.

How It Works

Set up your Magaya system to accept online shipping orders from customers and to make available the modes of transportation you want.

Your customers log into Magaya LiveTrack and choose to create a Cargo Release for local deliveries or a Shipment for other shipping needs. They select commodities from lists of Warehouse Receipts, Pickup Orders, and/or Part Numbers. The customer can choose the mode of transportation and the destination port.

When you receive the shipping order in your Magaya system, you verify it and add any needed data or create a consolidation. If your company regularly handles many shipments per day, the time savings can be great.

Online Pickup Orders

With the Online Pickup Orders feature in Magaya LiveTrack, your customers can place a Pickup Order to request loose cargo or containers be picked up at their location and sent to your warehouse or to any other location.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenience: Your customers can place Pickup Orders 24/7 at their convenience and reuse previously entered information such as their address. Your employees save time because detailed pickup instructions are already included by the customer, ready for you to process in your Magaya Inbox.
  • Accuracy: Reduce errors with the Print Labels feature, giving customers the option to print labels immediately to speed up the process and ensure the right boxes are picked up.

How It Works

You can set up your Magaya software to allow online Pickup Orders and to process them automatically. An automated message can be sent to your customers to inform them their order is in process.

When your customers log into Magaya LiveTrack, they enter details of the commodities to be picked up either as loose cargo or as a container. Their address information is filled in for them, saving time. They can print the labels and place them on the boxes to ensure the correct packages are picked up.

The order is sent to your Magaya system with all the information for you to review and approve.

To get started with the Online Shipping Orders and Online Pickup Orders, contact Magaya to activate the plug-in.

Video Tutorials:

To learn more about Magaya Online Shipping Orders, please see these video tutorials

This video explains how Magaya users can configure their Magaya system to accept online shipping instructions from their customers and then how to process the orders received:

The following video shows your customers how to enter the details of their air or ocean shipping instructions and send the request to you:

These steps are also explained in a brief PDF article that you can print or save:

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