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Magaya VIN Decoder

The Magaya VIN Decoder plug-in is designed for shipping cars and exporting all types of vehicles. This plug-in accurately gathers all the information about the vehicles being shipped and speeds up the processing of the vehicle data that is required for exports. The data is automatically transferred to your Magaya Logistics Software.

How It Works

The Magaya VIN Decoder gives you two ways to enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): You can manually enter the VIN, or use a handheld unit to scan the vehicle’s bar code. All automobiles manufactured since 1981 have a bar code with the VIN, making scanning easy and error-free.

Magaya VIN Decoder extracts all the vehicle information from the VIN. You just enter the VIN and the Magaya VIN Decoder fills in all the fields such as the model, make, and year. You do not need to enter these details manually.

You can enter the VIN when you need to - when creating a Pickup Order, Warehouse Receipt, or a Shipment. All the information will be saved in your database.

To automate the VIN entry, just add the VIN Decoder to the Magaya WMS Mobile application. WMS Mobile users can scan the VIN just like scanning any other bar code label. This enables you to use wireless handheld devices and scan the VIN number at your dock when you receive vehicles. No more transposed numbers or other mistakes when typing the 17-digit number.

The following vehicle information is extracted from the VIN number and added to your database:

 Vehicle Information
  • Make
  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Trim Level
  • Vehicle Class
  • Vehicle Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Body Type
  • Country
  • Engine Type
  • Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)
  • Weight
  • Volume

The Magaya VIN Decoder is available for all Magaya Logistics Software including Magaya Cargo System, Magaya WMS, Magaya Supply Chain Solution, Magaya Commerce System.

Video Tutorial:

To learn more about how to use Magaya VIN Decoder, please see this video tutorial:

These steps are also explained in a PDF article that you can print or save:
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