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Receive Online Booking requests from your customers with Magaya Logistics Software.

Magaya software offers the ability to place booking requests online as part of Magaya LiveTrack. In addition to the many other features in Magaya LiveTrack, you can receive Online Booking requests from your customers. The online booking features are available to your customers 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, giving them the freedom to place orders at their convenience and giving you the assurance of knowing exactly what your customers want.

The Online Bookings feature is available for Magaya customers using the Magaya Cargo System or the Magaya Supply Chain Solution.

You can set up your Magaya Logistics Software to process booking requests automatically. Options you can set include:

  • Setting up your system to notify the customer immediately of the availability of the booking, enabling you to provide faster customer service
  • Assigning permission to users to book online, allowing you to control access

How It Works

Your customer logs into Magaya LiveTrack and creates an Online Booking Request, giving them the opportunity to book online 24 hours a day at their convenience. They can select mode of transportation, the estimated departure and arrival dates, and the departure and arrival ports.

Then the Magaya system checks for capacity in the selected trip. The system sends the customer a confirmation message and a booking number if the request was accepted.

The Online Booking system will return the available trip schedules that match the specified criteria. The customer selects the available trip that meets their needs and enters the amount of equipment needed or the loose cargo details. This speeds up order processing for you and your staff and ensures accuracy and confidence that you know exactly what the customer wants.

How-to Article:

Read how the Magaya system enables your customers to place a booking request online and send it to you:
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