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Magaya P.O.D. Mobile


Handheld Task Screen

iPhone Signature Screen

About Magaya P.O.D. Mobile

Deliver packages faster and collect signatures more easily with Magaya POD Mobile. It runs on wireless handheld devices, the iPhone, the iPad, and any tablet with the Google Chrome or Apple Safari Web browser. Additional platforms are being developed to give you the latest and best options to speed up your deliveries.

Features and Benefits:

  • View maps, routes, tasks and package details
  • Scan package bar codes
  • Get signatures right on the phone screen – no stylus pen needed!
  • Your customers see updates online in real time
  • Your Magaya system is updated automatically with delivery details

When you download the app and log in, delivery data from your Magaya system is available on the phone instantly. Send delivery tasks to the phone for drivers to select and view the details and route map.

When drivers arrive at the destination, they scan the bar codes on the package labels, and collect the signature from the consignee right on the smart phone screen*.

The app connects with your Magaya database to update the status of the delivery tasks. The Magaya POD Mobile app works with all Magaya logistics software products.

Get the App:

Contact your Magaya Logistics Advisor to activate Magaya POD Mobile for your account. See our pricing page for price information. If you already have the plug-in, just download the app from the iTunes app store onto your iPhone and use it the same as before.

To use the plug-in on a tablet or other mobile device, go to (Web browser Google Chrome or Apple Safari). Magaya POD Mobile works with all Magaya products.

Get step-by-step details in the April 2013 newsletter how-to article.

Learn More:

See the Magaya POD Mobile video tutorial (Note: This video shows an older version of the plug-in on a wireless handheld, but the functionality described is included in the new app.)

*Other mobile devices may require a stylus pen for signatures

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