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User-Friendly Interface Saves You Time:
  • User-friendly Logistics Software you can learn in one day
  • Look-a-Like Windows Explorer interface
  • Multi-user system: install it yourself in only five minutes
  • Transparent performance for single user and network installation
  • Run multiple companies at the same time, each with its own database
  • Startup Wizards make entering your company information and accounting details easy
  • Import your customer lists from other systems
  • Control access and set permissions with usernames and passwords for employees
  • Set individual read, write, or delete rights to each part of the system for each employee
  • Set remote access permissions so customers and agents can securely view cargo online
  • Send batch emails of announcements, invoices, and more to a whole list at one time or select groups and save time
  • Generate a consolidation in less than 20 minutes using the wizards
  • Save on fax costs by sending shipment documentation via Magaya Network as PDF
  • Save custom reports directly on the database making them available to everyone in the company
  • Filter, sort, and summarize the data for your reports
  • Advanced Filter provides fine-tuning and enhanced control of list views and more
  • Documents are updated automatically when shipment data is updated, saving you time
  • Attach Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio and other documents to the shipments
  • Acquire documents or images directly from a scanner and attach them to any transaction
  • View documents in actual format on the screen and print exactly what you see
  • Online Help available with the F1 function key
  • Maintain your lists of clients, carriers, employees, agents and warehouse providers
  • Maintain a list of Magaya Network users and see who is currently online
Integration of Accounting and Operations Functions:
  • Print shipping labels, receiving labels, all the documentation for a shipment on one printer or several printers at the same time
  • Print labels from a Pickup Order, saving time when converting the Pickup Order into a Warehouse Receipt
  • Print reports for the cargo on hand or in transit
  • Print reports for shipments
  • Print any document such as Cargo Releases, Air Waybills, Commercial Invoices, etc.
Warehousing Features
  • Assign warehouse zones and locations
  • Use a different warehouse and receive Warehouse Receipts via Magaya Network
  • Full warehouse maintenance
  • Customize package types
  • Inventory control for product distribution
  • Maintain the status of containers
  • Create commodities reports
  • Find commodities information quickly with built-in search and filter functions
Customs Information and Functions Included
  • Schedule B listing with search engine included
  • Database of all ports in the world, airlines, ocean carriers
  • Database of export codes and license types
  • Database of US Customs codes, Schedule D and K
  • Commodity Classifications lists included
  • Send the EEI (SED) directly to US Customs using the Magaya Network connection to AES
  • Send your shipments and documentation directly to US Customs AMS from inside the Magaya Cargo System without retyping information
  • Database of all ocean carriers.
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