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  1. Try Before You Buy: Try our Logistics Software and receive technical support at no charge during the evaluation period. When you download the software, you get the complete software, not a demo version. Data you enter is kept in the software’s database so you can continue your operations when you make your purchase. We’re so confident in our product and our customer service, we offer you a free 30-day trial.

  2. Get a Complete Solution: Our software does it all for one price. Unlike systems that use older modular-based technology, we give you everything in one package. With Magaya software, you can automate your business with many built-in features designed specifically for logistic operations and the related accounting transactions. Our complete package is full of features that meet your needs now and as you grow.

  3. Customize the Software: Take advantage of our customization infrastructure and make your Magaya system as unique as your business. If your local market requires a specific document, just create it using the Magaya Document Designer. When you add new fields to the existing transaction types in the Magaya software, these fields become available any place you need them – reports, documents, tracking; share them with other Magaya users; use them when integrating with other systems, and more.

  4. Connect with Other Magaya Users: Magaya software is built on the award-winning Magaya Network, an innovative infrastructure that connects you with other Magaya customers. Create your own business network of mutually beneficial partners working in places you need to reach. Exchange documentation and data from system to system instantly and avoid redundant data entry, faxing, and courier expenses.

  5. Worldwide Reach: Magaya serves over 1400 customers in 54 countries around the world. And that number is growing every day in more countries in every corner of the world. Magaya software works with multiple currencies and in multiple languages.

  6. Track Shipments in Real Time: Our integrated tracking features provide real-time access from anywhere in the world. As you enter data, your customers can log in and see their shipment status, Proof of Delivery, or inventory data 24 hours a day online. There is no delay - updates are visible as events happen.

  7. Pay As You Go: Magaya software is a monthly service. There are no contracts that lock you in for years, no early termination fees. Just contact us before your next bill to cancel. With Magaya, you get good software with free updates, an unlimited number of transactions, and a simple bill.

  8. Integrated Bar Coding System: Cargo loading and storage is verified instantly as items are scanned into the Magaya system, giving you peace of mind so you can rest assured of cargo accuracy. Wireless handheld devices work in all areas of your warehouse and connect to the Magaya database so all users have a real-time view of inventory status and locations.

  9. User-Friendly Interface: Magaya software’s user interface is designed to be easy to use and makes operations tasks quick to process with wizards that walk you through the steps. Customize documents, lists, and reports to your business needs.

  10. Easy Integration with Other Systems: Our communication infrastructure, the Magaya Network, is based on XML and HTTP, enabling easy integration with other systems regardless of operating system. Magaya also offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that is based on XML and SOAP to facilitate bidirectional access to any transaction stored in Magaya software.

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