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The only thing better than Magaya on your computer is Magaya on your Phone
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Give your customers real-time updates of their Magaya transactions on their smart phones with the new Track2GoTM mobile app. Track freight, see shipment status, view inventory, invoices, and more, right on a mobile device or smart phone at any time.

How It Works

Give your customers these three details so they can log in on their smart phones:

  1. Your Magaya Network ID number (or they can search for your company name)

  2. The transaction type (Warehouse Receipt, Cargo Release, invoice, etc.)

  3. The transaction number

Then tap on the “Search” button to find the transaction.

For existing Magaya customers who have the Magaya Transaction Tracking plug-in activated, the app is included – no extra fees or setup required. The app is ready to use.

Not sure if you have Transaction Tracking activated? Just click here and a Logistics Management Advisor will check and contact you.

The plug-in and the mobile app are related, kind of like cousins. The Transaction Tracking plug-in is what connects your database to your customers so they get real-time data about their transactions on their phones. The mobile app gives you one more way to keep your customers as informed as they want to be.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to any transaction in the Magaya system such as shipments, invoices, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, purchase orders, and more

  • Configure which transactions your customers see

  • Increase your customers’ visibility into their data

The answers are right in your hand. Whether it’s by air, ocean, or truck, track and trace the container or package and see the status of the airline flight, the ocean vessel, or ground transportation and know where your cargo is at all times.

Just give the transaction number to your customers once, and they can check it at any time, no matter what time zone they are in.

The only thing better than Magaya on your computer is Magaya on your phone.

Behind the Scenes Extra Details:

Since the Track2Go app is related to the Transaction Tracking plug-in, you can give your customers their transaction numbers by sending them an email message from your Magaya system using the “Send Tracking Link by Email” option in the Email button dropdown menu. The transaction number is included in the email message. They can enter it into the Track2Go app on their phone.

Video Tutorials:

To learn more about how to use Magaya Track2Go, please see this video tutorial:

These steps are also explained in a brief PDF article that you can save or print:
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