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MAGAYA WMS "Tutorials"

Make Magaya Work for You!
A few minutes devoted to viewing these brief tutorials will increase your ability to fully utilize the Magaya WMS and its great time-saving features.

Note: Some common features shared among Magaya products are explained using the Magaya Cargo System user interface. You may notice a slightly different appearance in the screen but the functionality is the same.

Using the Startup Wizard
Duration 13:21
  • Downloading a Magaya Solution
  • Obtaining a Magaya Network ID for your company
  • Entering basic information such as your Company Name, Address, etc.
  • Entering the entities frequently used by your company such as Land, Air, and Ocean Carriers.
  • Choosing the Ports most commonly used by your company
  • Choosing which currency your company uses
Magaya Explorer Overview (Part 1 of 2)
Duration 27:35
  • Tree and Hierarchy view introduction
  • Document and List View Introduction
  • How to use toolbars
Magaya Explorer Overview (Part 2 of 2)
Duration 23:52
  • Maintenance Folder and Subfolders
  • Selecting Carriers
  • Creating Air Waybill Stock
  • Creating Forwarding Agents
  • Adding warehouse providers
  • Creating Customers and using contacts
  • Vendors explanation and creation
  • Creating Salespersons and commissions
  • Creating employees
  • Adding new ports
  • Countries
  • Introduction to configuration
Duration 15:07
  • Creating Air and Ocean Quotations
  • Copying Quotations
  • Converting Quotations to other transactions
  • Setting a task on a quotation
  • Creating report with Quotation List
Creating Warehouse Receipts
Duration 20:18
  • Creating Warehouse Receipts
  • Generating Invoices from Warehouse Receipts
  • Using the Warehouse Receipt List
Creating Pickup Orders
Duration 14:03
  • Creating Pickup Orders
  • Converting Pickup Orders to Warehouse Receipts
  • Using the Pickup Order List
Creating Cargo Releases
Duration 12:04
  • Creating Cargo Releases
  • Generating Invoices from Cargo Releases
  • Using the Cargo Release List
Receiving Payments
Duration 6:34
  • Applying full payments to invoices
  • Applying partial payments to invoices
  • Receiving payments in advance
  • Applying credits to invoices
Setting up Magaya LiveTrack
Duration 10:06
  • Granting a customer access
  • Sending invitation email
  • Viewing tracking information thru your website
  • Sample Documents and images
  • Viewing inventory online
  • Chatting online
Transaction Tracking
Duration 9:35
  • Configure your system to allow transaction tracking
  • How to view by transaction tracking
  • Navigating within transactions
  • Allowing tracking by transaction number
Magaya Network Community
Duration 7:20
  • Setup your company profile for the community
  • Search for companies in the Magaya Network
  • Sending and accepting invitations
  • Chat with community members
  • Setup your preferences
Updating your system online
Duration 3:03
  • Performing a database backup
  • Closing Magaya active applications
  • Running the Magaya Online Update
How to use Tasks
Duration 5:06
  • Defining Tasks
  • Working with alerts from Tasks
  • Creating Tasks
  • Viewing pending Tasks
  • Viewing history of Tasks
Online Shipping Instructions
(For Magaya Customers “Shipping Companies”)
Duration 16:59
  • Configure Magaya to accept online shipping instructions
  • Allow customers to send online instructions
  • Create online shipping instructions
  • Process online instructions in Magaya Explorer
Using Online Shipping Instructions
(For actual users “Customers of Magaya customers”)
Duration 8:12
  • How to create an air shipment online
  • How to create an ocean shipment online
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