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How to use Magaya LiveTrack

The Magaya LiveTrack application provides real-time status of inventory, shipments, and more.

Log In

To log in, use the link provided in the email sent to you by your logistics provider. The link will open the login page.

Enter the network ID, login user name, and password.

Click the Login button.

Agent ID:

Using Magaya LiveTrack

The Magaya LiveTrack application will open, showing the screens according to your permissions profile.

Click on the icons to access the information you need such as Warehouse Receipts, Rates, Bookings, Inventory, Shipments, etc. (Not all these transactions will be visible in your screen, depending on your permissions.)

Double-click on any item in a list to see the transaction details in document format. You can print documents or filter the list to see only specific transactions.

Choose the columns in the lists by using the Actions button.

Other options available from the Actions button are: Find, Statistics, or Export.

Arriving Arriving The cargo is in a Pickup Order.
Pending Pending The cargo is pending to be received (assign a location) at the warehouse.
Ordered Ordered The cargo has been ordered to the provider with a Purchase Order.
On Hand On Hand The cargo is in the warehouse.
Loaded Loaded The cargo is loaded in a Cargo Release or a Shipment.
In Transit In Transit The cargo has already left the warehouse and is on route to its destination.
At Destination At Destination The cargo has already arrived at its destination point.
Delivered Delivered The cargo has been delivered to the consignee.

For a video tutorial on how to set up and use the tracking, click here.

For a step-by-step guide to using Magaya LiveTrack, click here.

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